Equinox (full name Daniel Samson Grant) is a character in [SERIES NAME GOES HERE]. He serves as a weapons engineer for the Plasma Sentinels and occasionally fights for or with the rest of his group. He is arguably the most over-powered member of the team.


Equinox is typically relaxed, outgoing, and a bit of a show-off, with the first trait being the strongest. Not much will cause him to rise from his usual calm tone under normal circumstances, and he shows an almost unreal amount of patience when verbal abuse is applied to him. There is virtually no change in his attitude when conversing with a friend, enemy, or random stranger on the street. Equinox is extremely confident in himself as an engineer, a musician, and especially a fighter, and when sent out to resolve a dangerous situation, loves to defeat enemies in ways that challenge him. Even in the rush of combat, Equinox is able to keep a level head and a calm demeanor. He also finds working with weaponry to be a pleasant experience, and he takes pride in the weapons he creates, seeing each of them as a challenge that he overcame.

Personal interests of his include heavy metal, boxing, machinery of all kinds, and neon lighting. Equinox has a significant dislike of the ocean, cheaters, haircuts, and not wearing sunglasses (even in situations where it would be benficial not to wear sunglasses).


Equinox is 6'7" with a neutral build. He is fairly lean and has a pale purple-ish skin tone, as well as purple irises. Equinox possesses very long jet-black hair that goes down to his knees and almost to his ankles, and he has absolutely no facial hair. He has a scar around his left eye (induced by a childhood accident).

Equinox typically wears purple sweatpants, a purple jacket with a darker purple undershirt, and gray boots. Equinox is constantly wearing a tacky pair of sunglasses that look much more like goggles than sunglasses.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit